The Best Electronic Signature Apps for 2021

An electronic signature is a digital mark that indicates consent, approval and agreement to a contract, document or form. Find the best app for your business!

Nowadays, technology is transforming every workplace into a digital zone, which allows companies to automate tasks and optimize their resources. Signing documents is a task that used to be time consuming and tedious. Typically, businesses had to format and print off a document, sign it, scan it and reformat it again before sending it. A lot of steps were needed for just one signature on a document so imagine having to do that for dozens of documents.

Luckily, now you have the option to sign multiple documents in just a few clicks thanks to electronic signature apps. An electronic signature app is an app that allows you to sign papers and documents digitally, making your personal or office life easier and your daily tasks more pleasant.

With an electronic signature app, you can sign documents and paperwork in a matter of seconds. Companies worldwide are quickly realizing the benefits of esignature solutions and the number of e-signature transactions has drastically jumped from 89 million in 2012 to 754 million in 2017. In this article, we detail the best electronic signature apps for 2021 and the potential they hold.

What is an e-signature?

As a part of their digital transformation, companies choose to implement electronic signature or e-signature to simplify the life of their employees. An electronic signature is a digital mark that indicates consent, approval and agreement to a contract, document or form. It can replace a handwritten signature in almost any process.

An e-signature software or app makes it easier to collect signatures and store them so that they are easily and rapidly accessible. They enable you to put entry forms in your document while also making sure that signatures are verified and authentic. An e-signature is a legally binding signature just as a handwritten signature is, as long as it respects certain requirements and regulations set in place.

Are electronic signatures legally binding?

In brief, yes. Electronic signatures are legally recognized and binding to the person who signs them. In 2000, the United States of America passed the E-Sign Act, which makes electronic signatures a legal, reliable way to get documents signed virtually for any use. Similar acts have been created all around the world to legalize e-signatures. There have been many cases where judges have ruled in favor of the veracity of e-signatures as long as there are consensual, which is almost always the case.

How to sign documents online?

In order to sign documents online in a secure and authentic way, it is recommended to use an electronic signature app. Some of the apps or software you’re already using like Adobe or Word can help you attach a signature to your document for free but if you need to sign documents virtually on a regular basis, mobile apps are easier and more efficient.

All you have to do is sign up for an e-signature app and log in, and then you will need to draw your signature using your mouse or trackpad. These apps allow you to save your signature so that it’s easier for you to insert in different documents. After doing that, you can select the document you want to sign, upload it on the app and add the e-signature you just created. You can use your e-signature app to sign multiple documents in a matter of seconds.

What makes a great e-signature app?

The most important feature in any e-signature app is its ability to create and store signatures. The easier you can add your signature to a document, the better the signing experience. There are different features that make e-signature apps great and differentiate them.

For example, an e-signature app is especially useful if it allows you to send documents for other people to sign and to track the progress of a document on a collaborative dashboard. Moreover, as the nature of documents can be sensitive, of high importance or extremely confidential, security represents a crucial feature. In this sense, most e-signature apps offer the ability to password protect documents or send confidential codes by SMS or e-mail to access them. Before you invest in a specific app, you want to make sure that the features offered meet your business or personal needs.

Best e-signature apps of 2021


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It is one of the most simple and easy to use in the market. Everything is automated and one click.

But nuutok is a lot more than just a signature app. For roughly the same price of a typical signature app, you get a complete digital workplace for your business. You don’t need anything else, really.

Here is what’s included with nuutok starting package:

Of course, complete electronic signature features

Plus, secure cloud storage starting with 200GB with full backups, file recovery, large file transfer, PC backups, one click Remote Desktop, one click integrated VPN connection, integrated screen sharing through one click VNC, password vault, remote monitoring of PCs and users, remote support and diagnostics, etc. The list is almost endless…

The beauty here is the smart approach of nuutok which, as opposed to the other guys out there, provides you with your very own cloud server and storage space, rather than mixing your stuff with the ones of their other users. What’s the fuzz about? First, it’s a lot more secure, let’s be honest here. Second, their tech is fully hybrid and portable which means you can host your nuutok server anywhere you want, not only in their cloud. Migration is seamless. Should you decide you want out along the way for any reason, you just take your virtual server (call it your digital workplace or VM) and move it somewhere else. As easy as that! Try that with the other guys to see just how much it will cost you to get your data back. They got you locked in, literally. No thank you!

The eSignature itself comes with:

Review and sign documents anywhere from any mobile device and desktop as well

Send and collect documents and electronic signatures directly from the right folders no need to send attachments through emails

Single and batch document signature

Even if your recipients don’t have a nuutok account, the integration features of nuutok allows them to open and sign a document from any browser or mobile platform.

You can track your documents on your files tab and manage continuous workflows from any location and any device.

You can password-protect your important documents, set expiration dates for them and even filter the signatures of the different contributors by order of priority.

complete comprehensive solution for managing your documents and contracts

Direct document filing to designated folders in nuutok Canadian Cloud or your physical or virtual server, according to your needs

200GB of cloud storage in nuutok Canadian cloud with the basic plan (more space is available through plan upgrades)

Physical and logical security

Alerts and notifications for the follow up of signature process

Collect the details you need

High availability

Lawful and court-admissible


With over 200 000 users, DocuSign is one of the most popular e-signature apps out there. It’s available on iOS and Android and is very easy to use which explains its popularity.The software is intuitive and fairly straightforward with good integration features.

Once the installation of the app is complete, you sign up and the app will ask you to upload a document and prepare a signature. Once that’s done, it will prompt you to select recipients and send it. It also gives you the option to keep the documents not ready to be signed in drafts and to track your documents throughout their entire lifecycle from the moment they are issued until they are completed.

Furthermore, DocuSign places a strong reliance on its security features both where the data is stored and the e-signature process in general. It has many high-level security certifications in Europe and the US.


Powered both in iOS and Android, HelloSign is one of the simplest and easiest electronic signature apps. It also offers a browser extension which allows you to sign your documents directly in Gmail or any other email platform. The app differentiates itself from other apps by its customization and quality customer service. Its powerful API enables you to include and fully brand signing options into your documents.

There are different options available to create a new signature. You can do it by uploading an image file, dragging your finger over the trackpad or even using HelloSign’s handwriting fonts to type out your signature. Plus, you can track your documents on your files tab. The company is also compliant with all major worldwide laws concerning e-signatures which make it highly secure and reliable.

Adobe Sign

Adobe Sign was one of the pioneers that introduced e-signature services and one of the first to enter the e-signature space. Available on iOS and Android, Adobe Sign follows the steps of its renowned professional document apps – Adobe, and delivers a highly performing e-signature app. The app is feature-rich giving the chance to its users to manage continuous workflows from any location and any device. Even if your recipients don’t have an Adobe account, the integration features of Adobe Sign allows them to open and sign a document from any browser or mobile platform.

Its emphasis on global compliance makes it one of the best options in the market and a great option for people who use other Adobe software on a daily basis.


Created by Citrix, RightSignature is an electronic signature app that is popular due to its rapidity (to send and receive documents to sign). Like most e-signature apps, you can upload, prepare, and send documents for signature as well as receive, sign and return them to the sender. Where RightSignature really stands out is with its built-in security and document management features. You can password-protect your important documents, set expiration dates for them and even filter the signatures of the different contributors by order of priority.


PandaDoc is an award winning electronic signature app that is known for its simple user interface and ease-of-use. The e-signature software is a part of PandaDoc’s document management tool. The tools integrated include drag-and-drop forms, audit histories and automatic workflows. Other integrations are also available such as CRM, file storage and payment apps. So, if you need a complete comprehensive solution for managing your documents and contracts, PandaDoc is the right solution for you.


Available on both iOS and Android, SignNow is simple, easy to use and also includes custom API features. It has earned a lot of awards for its simple and mobile friendly interface. It’s a reliable and cheaper option for small businesses. If you’re planning to use your electronic signature app mainly on your phone, this is a great solution.


SignEasy is another electronic signature software that stands out by offering a minimal user interface with the intention of making the app easy to use (as the name states). It is rather a standard signing app where you can create documents from within the app or integrate the drag-and-drop functionality with other third-party tools. You can then sign the documents and send them. Other features include self-signing, in-person signing and remote signing.

KeepSolid Sign

KeepSolid Sign bases its key performance on secure data storage and the legal verifiability of signatures. The app, which is available on iOS and Android, has all features like other e-signature apps including drag-and-drop features, multiple integrations and excellent mobile compatibility.


Unlike other e-signature apps that run on a monthly subscription basis, Signable is one of the few companies that offer a pay-as-you-go option where the rate is calculated on a per document basis. The company, which is mainly available in the European Market, is very compliant with EU laws and hosts major European clients. If you’re looking for a simple yet flexible e-signature software, Signable is the way to go.

As an organization that has always been relying on physical paperwork, you may be reluctant to change. However, digital transformation is crucial for any company that wants to thrive and grow in today’s competitive market. Using an e-signature app will allow you to save a lot of time and resources so that you can focus on value-added tasks.