Gemba-Walk Pricing and Subscription

Engage continuous improvement and simplify your floor tours with the Gemba-Walk app!

Enjoy a free trial period of 30 days.

Plan a demo

Basic Package

Shop-floor tour module (10 themes included)

Task management module

Unlimited users


100% online (accessible from anywhere)

Free updates

Email support

295$ / month

Advanced Package

Basic Package

Unlimited themes

Designated account manager

Priority support

495$ / month

These subscriptions include:

  • Export Gemba walk reports to Excel
  • Connect your existing management software to the app through a Web API
  • Access online support (next business day)

3 Easy Steps to Get Started With Gemba-Walk

It takes only 30 minutes to get Gemba-Walk up and running. Follow this easy 3-step guide.

  • Step 1
    Register and log in

    Register in 2 minutes on our SaaS platform and log in with your email and password.

  • Step 2
    Customize the application according to your needs

    Create your team, departments and checklists.

  • Step 3
    Business optimisation

    Optimize your business : Do your floor rounds, assign tasks, involve your employees and measure impact.

How to get started

Customers who have adopted Gemba-Walk in their company

Service and Resources

Gemba-Walk is incredibly easy to get up and running, but we’re happy to walk you through it! The Gemba-Walk app is simple to set up and use, without IT support; however, we’re here to guide and support you, or even do it for you, whenever you need it.

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