After the Gemba-Walk: Put your observations into action to boost your operations!

After surveying the corners of your business, closely scrutinizing each operation during multiple floor tours and gathering a mountain of data, comes the crucial step: take action! Because for us, floor tours are not only pleasant walks, they are the starting point to find challenges, seize opportunities and trigger change. So, what to do once you have walked the aisles of your company several times?

Here is our guide to turning your observations into concrete actions that will propel operational excellence!

1. Dissecting Data: Understanding Trends and Problems 🧐

After your floor runs, dive into the data collected. Review each observation, each note carefully. Identify emerging trends, patterns and sticking points. This analysis will serve as a basis for setting your priorities and designing effective solutions.

2. Focus your efforts: Prioritize issues 🆙

Not all problems are the same. Prioritize them based on their impact on your operations. Focus on areas where improvements will have the greatest impact. This will allow you to optimize the effectiveness of your actions and manage your resources wisely.

3. Create Together: Engage your team in problem solving 🙋🏽‍♀️🙋🏽‍♂️

Problem-solving is a team effort! Involve everyone in the process. Organize brainstorming sessions to bring out the most creative ideas. Make sure the proposed solutions are practical, feasible and aligned with your goals. The diversity of viewpoints can be a source of innovation!

4. Accurately Plan: Implement Solutions 🔑

Once solutions are defined, develop a detailed action plan to implement them. Set clear goals, realistic deadlines and define responsibilities. Ensure that each team member understands their role and contribution to collective success.

5. Communicating and Encouraging: Creating a Collaborative Environment 🤝

Communication is the key to maintaining the momentum of continuous improvement. Openly share the results of your floor tours with the entire team. Promote exchanges of ideas and feedback. Make sure everyone feels involved and involved in the change process.

6. Evaluate and adjust: Be agile to results 🎯

Your work is not finished once the actions are implemented. Regularly monitor progress and evaluate the effectiveness of implemented solutions. Be prepared to adjust your approach if necessary based on the results obtained. Continuous improvement is a journey, not a destination!

7. Embed in Corporate Culture: Making Floor Tours a Habit ☕

Finally, integrate floor tours into the daily life of your company. Encourage all team members to actively participate and maintain a constant commitment to continuous improvement. Floor tours should not be an isolated event, but a natural part of your corporate culture.


In conclusion, floor tours are a powerful tool to identify opportunities for improvement and drive change within your business. By following these steps after your tours, you will turn your observations into concrete actions that will propel your company towards operational excellence! So, ready to take action? If you want to find out how our Gemba-Walk app can help you optimize your operations and implement these recommendations effectively, feel free to schedule a demo with one of our representatives today!

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