Cloud-Based Continuous Improvement App

Digitize your floor tours with Gemba-Walk

Engage your staff to increase efficiency and collaboration. Gemba-Walk is a user-friendly, fun and intuitive app to optimize your Gemba walks toward continuous improvement.

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Why Gemba-Walk?

A simple solution to increase operational efficiency on the floor by aiming for the continuous improvement of your processes and production quality.

Swipe through your checklist during your Gemba walks and identify problems—and successes—at a glance! Export your observations and earn the trust and commitment of your teams to increase productivity.

Together, you'll be unbeatable!

Easy and fun to use

To identify and understand what needs to be improved.

Listen to and involve employees to gain their collaboration

And take action on what they'd like to see improved—after all, they're the experts on the floor.

A Gemba walk that's quick to set up

The app can be set up in less than 30 minutes—no training or IT experts required.

Live on the cloud

Share identified or corrected areas for improvement, and much more, anytime, anywhere.

What Our Clients Are Saying
About the Gemba Walk App

We're incredibly satisfied! The efficiency of our factory has improved a great deal. The app is very well conceptualized and well developed.

- Dany Dumont, VP Operations, Innovation & Technology

We do on average 50 Gemba walks a day. The tool is very user-friendly, and we enjoy using it. Communication between the floor team and management has improved significantly.

- François Morand, Assembly Line Production Supervisor

The app's design really fits with Synerforce's approach. It's a complementary tool to help the managers in our organization. The app makes it possible to properly document our business processes. We value its simplicity as much as its content.

- Sébastien Coulombe, Partner & VP Operations

Remarkable Results!

A 12% gain in productivity in just 3 months

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Satisfaction and collaboration of employees on the floor

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A fast and simple app to minimize the impact on productivity

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Customers who have adopted Gemba-Walk in their company

Gemba-Walk – At This Price, You Won't Want to Miss Out

Integrate a simple tool, allowing you to easily identify and visualize the areas of improvement needed for your team’s productivity.


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