A mighty and customisable shop-floor tour software

Optimize your plant operations by efficiently mobilizing your teams with our Gemba-Walk Shop-Floor tour software.

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Gemba-Walk facilitates communication and collaboration between your team members.

Create and share standardized verifications lists and consult the data in real-time. To fully benefit from our innovative solution, you only have to set in motion the 4 following actions :

Infinite loop data collection allows to ensure operation  continual improvement process by systematically identifying and benefiting from improvement opportunities.

A solution fit to your organization

The flexibility of Gemba-Walk allows you to adjust the tool to your existing processes, not the other way around.

A shop-floor tour easy to implement

Our simplified onboarding process unfolds in 4 meetings with your team.

Personalized support

Our experts will help your team in the successful implementation of Gemba-Walk.

With Gemba-Walk, on average, we observe…

25 %

increase  in plant productivity

25 %

reduction  of discrepancies related to quality assurance

30 %

reduction  in accidents and stoppages related to the work environment

What Our Clients Are Saying
About the Gemba Walk App

The app's design really fits with Synerforce's approach. It's a complementary tool to help the managers in our organization. The app makes it possible to properly document our business processes. We value its simplicity as much as its content.

- Sébastien Coulombe, Partner & VP Operations

With Gemba-Walk, our team saves literally tens of hours a week, allowing us to focus on more important tasks for our business.

- Amanda Parada, Project manager in continuous improvement

Set off the continuous improvement process!

There’re many benefits to using Gemba-Walk in an organization.

Eliminate barriers between management and workers

  • Increase in your employees’ implication;
  • Your employees are heard;
  • The workers are your shop-floor experts.

Increase your processes efficiency and productivity

  • A well-structured and accessible data collection;
  • A simple, intuitive and flexible application;
  • Discrepancies management and tasks follow-up.

Save time and reduce waste

  • Elimination of all forms of waste;
  • A better work environment for all;
  • An improved production quality;
  • Staying competitive.

Availability and outstanding service

  • Designated account manager
  • Technical support within 24hrs business day
  • Emergency phone line
  • In-person or virtual support