Overcoming resistance: Integrating Gemba-Walk into a company

In an ever-changing world, companies must adapt quickly to remain competitive. Integrating a Gemba-Walk application can be a powerful way to improve business processes and foster a culture of continuous improvement.

However, this transition can sometimes encounter resistance within the team.  In this article, we explore the essential steps to successfully integrate a Gemba-Walk application into business while overcoming resistance to change.

Understand the benefits of the Gemba-Walk app

The Gemba-Walk app offers several concrete benefits for businesses of all sizes. First, it enables efficient process optimization by providing real-time visibility into field operations, making it easier to identify inefficiencies and opportunities for improvement. In addition, by reducing waste and improving quality, it directly contributes to increased operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

For employees, the app dramatically simplifies follow-up tasks by automating tedious manual processes, freeing up time to focus on tasks with higher added value. In addition, it offers employees the unique opportunity to actively contribute to process improvement by allowing feedback and suggestions directly from the field.

Moreover, our Gemba-Walk application is distinguished by its fully customizable character and its user-friendly interface, guaranteeing a smooth integration and a minimal learning curve for users, This is a significant advantage for companies that want to maximize their return on investment.

The essential steps to integration

1. Communicate change effectively

When integrating a Gemba-Walk application into an enterprise, effective communication about change plays a crucial role in the success of the process. It is essential to involve stakeholders from the beginning and provide them with a clear understanding of the objectives and benefits of the application.

By explaining in detail how the app can improve the day-to-day lives of employees and contribute to the overall success of the company, leaders can generate stronger engagement and support from the team.

Concrete examples to share with your team:

Resolve existing issues

“With the introduction of our new Gemba-Walk application, we will be able to quickly identify and solve quality problems in our production process. This will allow us to reduce waste and improve our overall efficiency. ‘

Increase operational efficiency

“By visualizing our processes in real time, we can reduce unplanned downtime, optimize our workflows for increased productivity, and our field teams now have real-time information to make informed decisions. This will allow us to reduce delays in our operations and improve customer satisfaction.”

2. Train and prepare the team

The goal of the Gemba-Walk app is to simplify and improve your existing processes, without adding additional workloads to your schedule. By preparing your teams for training, it will facilitate the integration of the application into their daily work, allowing you to increase your operational efficiency and more effectively solve the challenges encountered.

To ensure a smooth integration of the Gemba-Walk application within your team, offer comprehensive training focused on the ease of use and essential features of the tool. Organize demonstration sessions and hands-on workshops to familiarize employees with the app and ask questions.

Did you know that...

We understand that every company has different training needs, so we offer personalized support.

Online or in-person meetings are available to provide additional support if needed. In addition, to facilitate integration, we have developed short and targeted training capsules, allowing users to train at their own pace.

For those who prefer a more structured approach, we also offer a complete support package, where we plan and implement the training process from A to Z, ensuring your team is perfectly prepared to get the most out of the Gemba-Walk app.

3. Creating an enabling environment for change

Foster a climate of trust and openness where every employee feels comfortable expressing themselves. Encourage your employees to share their ideas, questions and even concerns about the Gemba-Walk app, so you can meet their needs and ensure an optimal user experience for all.

By working together in a spirit of collaboration and trust, we are confident that you will overcome the challenges of change and achieve your common goals successfully.

4. Manage resistance to change

Effective management of resistance to change is crucial for the successful integration of the Gemba-Walk application into business. To do this, it is essential to identify potential sources of resistance within the team and proactively address them. This may involve providing additional information about the benefits and operation of the app, as well as offering personalized support to address individual concerns.

In addition, by involving opinion leaders and enthusiastic employees, it is possible to actively promote the application and address the concerns of skeptics. By fostering a culture of mutual support, we are better equipped to overcome obstacles and foster a smooth transition to using the Gemba-Walk app in your business.