Gemba Walk App Adds a New Partner

Gemba Walk App Adds a New Partner: Kalliope, the Ultra-Resistant Industrial Digital Tablet

Bécancour, August 23, 2021 – Group Shift and Synerforce are happy to announce a new partnership with Shawinigan-based company Concept Numérique. The partnership will create added value for our Gemba Walk app.

Tablette Kalliope
Tablette Kalliope by Concept Numérique

Concept Numérique is the creator of Kalliope, the line of ultra-resistant industrial digital tablets. Kalliope tablets are designed uniquely to be used in hostile environments. Resistant to shocks, extreme temperatures and harsh conditions, they meet the needs of employees on construction sites or in factories.

Thanks to their long battery life, unparalleled robustness and affordable price, they are the ideal tool for organizations that want to increase the mobility and productivity of their employees.

These features make Kalliope the ideal tablet for the Gemba Walk app for companies with field workers in industry, defense, telecommunications or natural resources.

“As with our Gemba software, we seek out robustness. It was thus natural for Group Shift, Synerfoce and Kalliope to join forces in order to offer industry a software program and platform that are both robust and durable. This partnership surely makes our product even more competitive,” states Francis Rondeau, president of Group Shift.

About Gemba Walk

The Gemba Walk app is aimed at companies seeking to make the transition to 4.0, opting for continuous process improvement and switching from paper to digital. This transition is key to increasing innovation, competitiveness and exports. The benefits of the Gemba Walk app include improved management performance, reduced performance gaps, increased productivity, maximizing assets, and optimal application of digital tools and management engagement with digital tools. Gemba Walk also enables a reduction of data collection time, thorough documentation and evaluation of problems, real-time observation of operations, elimination of barriers between management and employees, and considerable time-savings and reduction of waste.

For this project, Group Shift is developing the application and Synerforce will train clients to use the application and adapt their operations.

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About Kalliope

Concept Numérique, which just celebrated its 15th year of operations, is the creator of the Kalliope line of ultra-resistant industrial digital tablets. Founded in 2009, they are the designer of the only tablets to be developed in a country accustomed to extreme working conditions. Kalliope industrial tablets are the perfect answer to the challenges of workers working in difficult environments.  | | 819-601-1121

About Synerforce

Synerfoce is focused on the development of management skills and realizing operational efficiencies to support companies in their efforts to achieve continuous improvement. Our team empowers our clients to achieve their business goals by developing their human capital. | | 819-818-3845

About Groupe Shift

Group Shift was founded by a group of information technology professionals specializing in the industrial and manufacturing sectors. Located in Bécancour, Centre-du-Québec, the company’s mission is to offer businesses, small and large, the means to realize their ambitions. Thanks to our technology and process management expertise, we are far more than technicians. | | 819-698-3766