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Increase efficiency and reduce waste by digitizing your gemba-walk lean management. Efficiently document issues with a cloud management app!

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Remove barriers between leadership and workers

Increase productivity and efficiency

Save time and reduce waste

Managing questions is easy

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Gembawalk is a powerful application for continuous process improvement.

Here are some of the benefits of the digitalization of your gemba walk:

Reduced data collection time

Thoroughly documented issues

Quick assessment and problem solving

Help identify problems in every area:


Business processes

Work areas


And more!

Better identification of people and processes and direct observation of the work happening.

How our solution can help you:

Create custom checklists

You can create a list of questions to validate and identify issues of work processes.

Organize your gemba walk

Classify elements of your lists following the path of your walk.

Efficiently document issues

Use our Gemba-Walk app to take thorough notes of issues and problems using checklists, textual notes, pictures, etc.

Generate actionable insights and ideas

Use the data you gathered to plan follow-up actions and solve problems you took note of during your gemba walks.

Integrate insights into your preferred task management tools

Our API access makes it easy to connect Gemba Walk to your favorite time and task management tools.

Important Features

Generate exhaustive reports

Work online or offline

Capture and annotate photos with every relevant information (date-time) about the issue

Lean Management—In the cloud.

All of your data is saved and secured in the Cloud—Allowing you and your team to obtain precise and adapted statistics in real time at all times.

Easy and efficient data collection in a paperless environment!

What is a Gemba Walk?

Gemba is english for Genba, a Japanese word meaning “the actual place”. In terms of lean management, Gemba is the action of walking the workplace and using a standardized checklist to take notes destined to improve work processes. It is a fact-based technique that relies on observation instead of report analytics to increase productivity and safety.

Gemba-walking is a great way to encourage employee involvement and create respect between managers and workers.

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We are super satisfied! The efficiency of our factory has greatly improved. The app is super well conceptualized and well developed.

Dany Dumont — VP Chief Innovation and Technology Officer at Avior

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