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Groupe Shift and Synerforce join forces to promote the work site tour app Gemba Walk

Group Shift is happy to announce it has signed an agreement with Drummondville-based Synerforce to promote its work site tour app Gemba Walk.

Bécancour, April 20, 2021 – Group Shift is happy to announce it has signed an agreement with Drummondville-based Synerforce to promote its work site tour app Gemba Walk. Group Shift is developing the application and Synerforce will offer support to train clients to use the application and to adapt their operations. By combining their respective expertise in management and technology consulting services, Group Shift and Synerforce have created a partnership that makes them a formidable force for getting results for their clients.

This collaborative project is aimed at companies looking to make the transition to 4.0, opting for continuous process improvement and switching from paper to digital. In the short and medium terms, SMEs will have to shift to digital to ensure their survival. The data shows that this transition is key to increasing innovation, competitiveness and exports.

“The Gemba Walk app is already being used by many clients across Canada. We are very happy to partner with Synerfoce as it strengthens our position as leaders in the field and increases our product’s competitiveness. Many Quebec manufacturers will benefit from our custom-tailored support, thanks to this collaboration between our two companies.” -Francis Rondeau, President, Group Shift.

“This partnership will digitize the “Lean” component of our services in order to better serve our clients. Group Shift’s app is another tool to help our clients improve their management skills and better take advantage of opportunities.” -Sébastien Coulombe, Partner and Vice President Operations, Synerforce.

Many advantages for SME manufacturers

With Syneforce’s and Group Shift’s combined services, we are able to deliver custom-tailored support offering many advantages to participating companies. Synerforce’s personalized coaching offers improved management performance, reduced performance gaps, increased productivity, maximizing of assets, and optimal application of digital tools and management engagement with digital tools. In turn, Group Shift’s mobile application enables a reduction of data collection time, thorough documentation and evaluation of problems, real-time observation of operations, elimination of barriers between management and employees, and considerable time-savings and reduction of waste.

For more information, please see gemba-walk.com.

About Synerforce

Synerfoce is focused on the development of management skills and realizing operational efficiencies to support companies in their efforts to achieve continuous improvement. Our team empowers our clients to achieve their business goals by developing their human capital.

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About Groupe Shift

Group Shift was founded by a group of information technology professionals specializing in the industrial and manufacturing sectors. Located in Bécancour, Centre-du-Québec, the company’s mission is to offer businesses, small and large, the means to realize their ambitions. Thanks to our technology and process management expertise, we are far more than technicians.

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