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How the Gemba-Walk Digital Solution was Born

It’s with Avior Canada that the Gemba-Walk app was created. Avior was looking for a digital solution to help them create a safe and healthy work environment for its workers. By answering brief questions and using the environment in which they work, users are able to record their observations or create tasks to follow up on the information collected, which contributes greatly to the continuous improvement of processes.

Productivity and Safety of Workers

A company as big as Avior can’t afford to lose productivity when integrating a new tool into its organization. Given the inherent simplicity of the Gemba walk, the app itself had to be fast and straightforward to minimize its impact.

Another important issue for Avior is the safety of its workers. Any risk of work-related accidents must be reduced, or better yet, eliminated, hence the importance of optimizing and maintaining best practices to ensure a safe work environment.

Avior's Results With Gemba-Walk

  • Health and safety After the implementation of Gemba-Walk, we observed a 50% reduction in work-related accidents in the first year, as well as good maintenance of workplace health and safety best practices. Indeed, Gemba-Walk allows for a better assessment of potential dangers and better compliance with the established prevention plan.
  • Improvement of the work environment The app makes it possible to provide for the protective equipment that's available to workers on a daily basis. This also ensures that the building's safety equipment is functional.
  • Increased productivity Avior has seen an increase in productivity and efficiency, as improvements made during the Gemba walks have led to more streamlined work processes. The company now promotes a culture of safety and accountability. A healthy work attitude also means that employees carry out their activities responsibly.
  • Happier employees The company experienced a reduction in lost-time accidents, resulting in lower insurance costs and improved employee morale.

See for Yourself!

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Watch this 10-minute video to see how easy it is to digitize your audits and Gemba walks toward continuous improvement.

What you’ll learn in this demo:

  • An overview of the Gemba-Walk app and how it works
  • When to use the desktop and mobile versions
  • What makes it so user-friendly
  • How fast the app compiles data
  • How to integrate tolerance thresholds and performance tracking
  • Greater continuous improvement and better ROI!

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Why Choose Gemba-Walk?

Easy and fun to use

To identify and understand what needs to be improved.

Listen to and involve employees
to gain their collaboration

And act on what they think needs improvement—after all, they're the experts on the floor.

A Gemba walk that's quick to set up

The app can be set up in less than 30 minutes—no training or IT experts required.

Live on the cloud

Share identified or corrected areas for improvement, and much more, anytime, anywhere.

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