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Employee Well-Being

Hydrexcel has the well-being of its employees at heart. The company approached us because it wanted a tool that would allow it to better structure its Gemba walks to be more proactive toward employees, the idea being that greater proactivity would increase employee happiness, which would in turn have a direct impact on productivity.

Validating Employee Needs

The main issues at Hydrexcel mostly involve the well-being of its workforce. There are several reasons why employees may be unhappy at work: difficult working conditions (manufacturing environment), lack of recognition or appreciation, training opportunities, poor communication or engagement.

The company must find a way to validate the needs of its employees in order to ensure their happiness so that they perform well in their daily tasks. Addressing these problems through initiatives such as Gemba walks, continuous improvement programs and employee engagement programs can help improve the morale and job satisfaction of employees in a manufacturing environment.

Goals Reached by Hydrexcel
Thanks to Gemba-Walk

  • Better structure By establishing a regular schedule for conducting Gemba walks, with each walk focusing on a different aspect of the production process, the team observed the work being done, took notes and participated in discussions with workers to better understand the process. The Gemba walks uncovered some bottlenecks in the production process that were slowing down the workflow. By making small changes to the process, the company was able to significantly improve the efficiency of the production line.
  • Proactivity For each Gemba walk, employees are encouraged to actively seek and identify areas for improvement and to suggest measures to eliminate inefficiencies, thus creating a more productive and efficient work environment. This can increase job satisfaction and create a sense of accomplishment.
  • Employee happiness The app helps create happier teams, by promoting a culture of continuous improvement and encouraging employees to be active participants in their work environment. It allows for open communication between team members and management, which has helped increase employee engagement and job satisfaction.

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  • What makes it so user-friendly
  • How fast the app compiles data
  • How to integrate tolerance thresholds and performance tracking
  • Greater continuous improvement and better ROI!

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Why Choose Gemba-Walk?

Easy and fun to use

To identify and understand what needs to be improved.

Listen to and involve employees
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And act on what they think needs improvement—after all, they're the experts on the floor.

A Gemba walk that's quick to set up

The app can be set up in less than 30 minutes—no training or IT experts required.

Live on the cloud

Share identified or corrected areas for improvement, and much more, anytime, anywhere.

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