Rely on Our Experience and Passion to Supercharge Your Gemba Walks

Deploying Gemba-Walk is simple, even without technical support. We are here to support you, if necessary.

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A Dedicated Team of Partners in Continuous Improvement: Synerforce

We've partnered with Synerforce, certified Gemba-Walk expert and continuous improvement expert.

Get Started Package

Synerforce will guide you in developing your checklists and tolerance thresholds, conduct a Gemba walk with you and assign to-dos. They’ll then present you with a report.

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Implementation and Change Management Package

The same features as the Get Started package, plus a communication and change management component to ensure the implementation of best practices over time.

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Conduct Your Gemba Walks with a Tablet Adapted to Your Environment: Kalliope Tablets

Our partner, Kalliope, designs industrial tablets that are ultra-resistant and suitable for even the harshest environments.

Tablets tailored to your needs

  • Multifunctional and robust tablets
  • High-autonomy battery
  • Water- and dust-proof
  • 1.2 mm tempered glass
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Direct Maintenance, the Reference in Equipment Prevention Management

Enhance the Gemba-Walk app with a solution that allows you to perform preventive and corrective maintenance on all your assets.

Cloud-based and accessible on all platforms

Direct Maintenance is a multisite, multilingual, multi-user portal that enables the acquisition of maintenance-related data in real time from all types of sensors, in order to trigger maintenance processes based on data from the field, without human intervention.

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Connect your systems and automate your processes with the IConnek solution

Synchronize your Gemba-Walk applications with all your business software with customized and configured integration solutions.

Your digital ecosystem interconnectivity in a single space

IConnek offers a technology integration solution to companies allowing them better operational efficiency and reducing labor hiring pressure while increasing their competitive advantage against the competition. Their API integration platform offers the possibility to interconnect business software. Robots, computer software, or cloud computing: all data types can be synchronized without limit.

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3 Easy Steps to Get Started With Gemba-Walk

It takes only 30 minutes to get Gemba-Walk up and running. Follow this easy 3-step guide.

  • Step 1
    Register and log in

    Register in 2 minutes on our SaaS platform and log in with your email and password.

  • Step 2
    Customize the application according to your needs

    Create your team, departments and checklists.

  • Step 3
    Business optimisation

    Optimize your business : Do your floor rounds, assign tasks, involve your employees and measure impact.

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