A 12% Productivity Gain in Just 3 Months

Les Fourgons Transit
3600 Boul. Industriel
Laval, QC
H7L 4R9

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A Solution for Better Performance

When we met with Les Fourgons Transit, they were looking for a solution that would enable better communication of information between the various layers of their organization in order to optimize their processes. Their objectives were clear: improve the flow and timeliness of messages sent and increase the involvement and commitment of floor workers in the search for solutions. They chose Gemba-Walk because it was easy for the various users to integrate, and the uptake was quick.

An Economical Gemba Walk!

Fourgons Transit has been growing rapidly for several years and is currently made up of a team of more than 300 employees. It was therefore important that the integration of a digital Gemba-walk tool not add to employees’ workloads, as this could affect their production in the manufacturing of truck bodies.

It was also essential that the new app tie in well to the management system already in place.

Results You Can See — Like a Direct Increase!

  • Reduced waste The digital Gemba walks not only eliminated the use of paper, they took 50% less time than Gemba walks conducted manually.
  • Accessibility Data tracking is more accessible due to the ability to filter the different observations.
  • HR engagement Gemba-Walk allows for better communication between the management team and the people on the floor. The tool helps unify the production and management teams.
  • Easy to integrate Transit's team conducts a minimum of 10 Gemba walks per day. They find the tool both easy and fun to use.
  • Increased production A direct increase in production of approximately 500 hours (decrease in duplicate work time and other areas of waste such as motion waste and overproduction) – a 12% gain in productivity over the standard in just three months.

See for Yourself!

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Watch this 10-minute video to see how easy it is to digitize your audits and Gemba walks toward continuous improvement.

What you’ll learn in this demo:

  • An overview of the Gemba-Walk app and how it works
  • When to use the desktop and mobile versions
  • What makes it so user-friendly
  • How fast the app compiles data
  • How to integrate tolerance thresholds and performance tracking
  • Greater continuous improvement and better ROI!

Watch the video

Why Choose Gemba-Walk?

Easy and fun to use

To identify and understand what needs to be improved.

Listen to and involve employees
to gain their collaboration

And act on what they think needs improvement—after all, they're the experts on the floor.

A Gemba walk that's quick to set up

The app can be set up in less than 30 minutes—no training or IT experts required.

Live on the cloud

Share identified or corrected areas for improvement, and much more, anytime, anywhere.

Jump Into Action With Gemba-Walk